Product Line

Time and Date Machines

For imprinting a variety of time, date and message combinations. Print automatically when paper is inserted. Solid-state electronic circuitry assures consistent impressions. Adjustable stamping force for multi-copy forms. Easy change ribbons advance and reverse automatically. Rugged die-cast case has a sturdy lock to prevent tampering. Solid brass typewheels provide superior imprint. and durability.


  • Model: AR-– Basic timstamp
  • Model: ARL-– witLEclock
  • Model: ARC-– witanalog clock
  • Model: AD-– Basic date stamp


Popular Applications:

  • Incoming mail
  • Tareceipts
  • Phonmessages
  • Lareports
  • Court documents
  • Stoctransactiodocuments


Sample Imprints (Approximate Size)

AR w/ optional upper & lower die-plates

AR w/ optional upper die-plate only

Company Overview

Bidwell is a private company. Its headquarters is located at Middletown, CT. The number of employees ranges from 25 to 100.


Managed Commercial properties of Oaks, LLC and Tisbury LLC for over 35 years. We provide a wide range of services.