PD-1501 Digital Readout Torque Wrench

  • The Model PD-1501, Digital ReadoutTorque Wrench, reduces confusion and
    operator error through a new design which translates wrench output in the
    same direction as wrench input.
  • Operators are now less likely to break adapters or strip threads by failing to
    compensate for the reverse output of reaction adapters used in previous
    mechanical wrench designs.
  • Operating with either crank, ratchet wrench, air or electrically-powered square
    drive input, and weighing a mere 27 lbs., the PD-1501 is capable of attaining
    1500 ft-lbs. with a manual input of only 15 ft-lbs.
  • An LCD display with accompanying controls also keeps the operator in control.

Company Overview

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