Mechanical Wrenches



Unmatched power and true torque control… with minimal effort and maintenance-free operation.
  • High-strength fasteners for critical applications require massive and accurate torque. Field maintenance operations demand portability and problem-free operation. The solution is an innovation in wrench technology-mechanical wrenchesfrom POWER- DYNE.
  • Standard bar torque wrenches are limited to the amount of muscle power that can be applied. Conventional torque multipliers augment muscle power, but sacrifice accuracy. Electrical or pneumatic tools require a power source, which usually restricts their use to the limited area where power is available. No other method of tightening fasteners combines the accuracy, portability and ease of use found with POWER-DYNE mechanical wrenches.
  • POWER-DYNE mechanical wrenches give you accurate torque, when and where you need it. On maneuvers, at a remote mining site, or atop a superstructure. Our mechanical wrenches can generate from 20 to 20,000 ftlbs of output torque with practically effortless torque input. The design concept is unique: Internal gearing multiplies the operator’s input from 50:1 up to 2400:1. The result is more easily obtained torque than with other multipliers, and extreme accuracy from minimal input.
  • A hydraulic readout system is incorporated in POWER-DYNE’S mechanical wrench design which responds to changing torque on the fastener. Actual fastener relaxation is directly measured to produce more accurate torque readings than those obtained by measuring applied torque. Direct readout of the output torque ensures accuracy to ±2%.
  • Applied pressure is smooth and balanced. The pure torque couple and smooth torque produced with POWER-DYNE mechanical wrenches eliminates side loads, mechanical springback and the short duration blows characteristic of an impact wrench. The result is safe operation and a properly stretched fastener, with reduced bending and torsional stresses.
  • POWER-DYNE mechanical wrenches are completely portable, and perform in the shop or in the field. Since the mechanical advantage of the wrench is derived from its gear train, no external power source is needed. For added flexibility in high-volume, fixed site installations, electrical or pneumatic attachments can be accommodated. This innovative design provides the ultimate in portable power when required. Seven mechanical wrench models are available, including the innovative SIDEWINDER. Each one offers unique features and a job-rated capacity to meet most military, construction, industrial or other commercial applications where accurate, portable bolt-tightening is a necessity, and safety is a must.

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