Boltgage 4

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Ultrasonic Bolt Gage

Bolt Gage 4

In concert with Power-Dyne’s on-going effort to continue to improve all the products it
manufactures, PD announces the release of the new ultrasonic Bolt Gage 4. This
next-generation bolt gage unit combines a newly designed, heavyduty case with
improved software for increased versatility and functionality.

How can we improve on the easiest, fastest and most accurate ultrasonic bolt
measuring system available? Here are some of the 
special new features that
allow us to do so:

  • An improved, heavy duty, ruggedized case to stand up better under
    tough usage.
  • An enhanced, sealed display with a new tactile-responsive sealed
    silicon rubber keypad.
  • Scope traces that can now be printed to either our Epson printer or any
    compatible printer using our modular RJ-45 cable and connector
  • An improved file management system.
  • new two-stage charger speeds charging cycle and eliminates battery
  • All the standard features of the Bolt Gage II; like automatic adjustment
    for gain, delay, threshold, polarity and temperature compensation. It
    even calculates tensile and bolt strength.

So improve your bolting requirements. For additional information and
availability contact your Power-Dyne customer service department.

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